The Perfect Package For

Very Important Professionals

The Benefits

  • Regularly updated & professional head shots

  • Discounted Rates

  • Locked In Costs

  • Budget friendly

  • Access to discounts on all other business related photography & design needs

  • Discounts on all other standard priced packages including family, couple, senior & beauty sessions

One card makes you a member for life

Professionals NEED updated & professional head shots.  That's why we've created our VIP program.  This program allows our professionals access to discounted rates that are locked in for the life of the program.  Once you become a member you'll be given a VIP membership card.  This card gives you initial benefits to get you started with successfully branding yourself, but also gives you access to discounts for life, encouraging all our VIP members to regularly update their headshots, website pictures, print products and social media marketing content.  

AND...You'll be saving money as soon as you become a member!

The Details

Membership Costs: $300 (One time fee for life with no renewal or maintenance costs)

Initial Benefits: 

1 Free Mini Headshot Session

3 Head-Shot Images of your choice

($290 Savings)

Yearly Benefits:

Up to 4 Free Mini Headshot Sessions Per Year ($200 Savings)

Locked in discount of just $99 per image ($151 Savings Per Image)

20% off all other standard priced Photo Sessions & Products in our studio (Unlimited Savings)

Build Your Brand & Increase Your Income

Ready To Become a Member?

It's Simple!  You can easily purchase your VIP Membership online and we will send you your card in the mail.  Once you receive your card your benefits will be active.  When you call or email to schedule your appointments please just give us your member ID number to access your benefits.

Are you part of a large professional group?

For groups of 10 or more professionals we can offer a group discount on multiple cards purchased at once.  Please contact us directly for more information.

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