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The 'Every BODY is Beautiful' Campaign was started in 2018 to redefine the standards of beauty.  

Only 4% of women in the US would use the term "beautiful" to describe themselves.  This is due, in part, to the unrealistic standards of beauty we see in the media today.  This campaign will feature one woman each month as the "face of REAL beauty".  This woman will receive a makeover and photoshoot courtesy of local businesses.  Her pictures and story will be seen and heard as a inspiration to other REAL women to accept themselves and realize their beauty.

Help us break the boundaries of beauty by sharing a selfie with the hashtags #EveryBodyisBeautiful and #BreakingBeautyBoundaries.  Our face of REAL beauty will be selected from among these selfies.  We want to show that beauty is not a number, color, size, shape or weight.  We all are beautiful!

How Can I Help?

Helping can be as simple as just raising awareness!  


#1 Join our Facebook group where you can share your own selfies and encouraging words of beauty.  


#2 Use the hashtags #BreakingBeautyBoundaries and #EveryBodyisBeautiful on your selfies and you will be joining our group of faces of real beauties. 


#3 Are you a business that would like to join in our campaign to redefine the standards of beauty?  Click here

Who Makes This Possible?


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