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Beginner 2 Business 

Week 12 Class Topics

This week will be doing portfolio reviews and this is our FINAL Week!  

This will be a series of several videos (one for each member) that will be posted in our B2B Facebook group.


Once I receive your images I will record a portfolio review of your images, post it, and tag you.  Feel free to give encouragement to your other classmates on their images and see what you can learn as well.  

I hope you have found this program beneficial and now it's time to put it to use. Over the next few weeks continue to portfolio build, continue to market and continue to grow your business.

Just like with any business you will run into road blocks.  You just have to KEEP PUSHING!  If you find yourself stuck and in need of more assistance keep in mind I do offer virtual mentoring AND in person. PLUS, for my graduating students you will receive 15% these services as well as my workshops!

Keep shooting and thank you again for the honor of being your educator!



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