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Beginner 2 Business 

Weeks 9-11 Class Topics

These next 3 weeks we will be focusing on portfolio building!








Your PDF can be downloaded here: 


Please make sure to watch it in preparation for this weeks like Q & A.   As you watch the video please remember to make note of any questions you can think of for our Q & A discussion. 

The date and time will be posted in your Beginner 2 Business Facebook Group.

We will be discussing the following topics -


How to find models

What should I give them

During weeks 10 and 11 you will not receive a new video.  Please take the next 3 weeks to build your portfolio.  Please prepare 15-30 fully retouched and digital images for your portfolio.  If you plan on specializing in more than 1 genre please provide samples in each of these genres.   During week 12 I will provide you with a link to upload these photos for review.  Have fun shooting and we're almost there!

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