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Are you ready to learn

portrait photography?

As a mom and a creative personality I NEEDED to find and outlet for my energy.  I always had a passion for taking pictures of my friends and family, but had no idea I could actually have a career owning my own portrait studio!

I was able successfully learn photography, start my own business and maintain it for 7 years now.  All through online training.  And now Im excited to help you achieve your goals!


Join now for just $39 per subject



What's Included?

Videos and instructional courses on the topics below.

1 Hour Group Class discussing the subject 

Beginner to Business Courses

Available Subjects

#1 Equipment Basics - Choosing your camera, Lenses, Lighting Options, Backdrops and Posing Props. 

#2 Getting to know your camera - Manual mode, selective focus, and shooting Raw

#3 Lighting Week-  Natural light, reflectors, scrims, studio lighting and modifiers

#4 Posing - Seniors, Kids and families

#5 Editing - Skin, hair, backgrounds, head swaps and photoshop tools

#6 Business Intro- Names, logos, website, social media and forms

#7 Pricing to Sale - When to start, products, service, price points

#8 Marketing- Business to business, parties, mini sessions, senior reps

Ready to get started?

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