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Fort Wayne top photography studios is Le Petite Studios.  Photographer Casey Brothers Specializes in Glamour Photography, Senior Pictures, Personal Branding and headshots.  Want an in studio session that makes you feel beautiful?  Ready for a transformation?  

"How do you want to


when you look at your portraits?" 



Each session beings with a design consultation.  This allows me to understand exactly what you want to LOOK like and FEEL like in your portraits.  During this time we will discuss wardrobe, styling, hair and makeup for your photoshoot.  

During this time you will also be able to see all the wonderful print pieces I offer for your portraits after your shoot.


After you have been transformed I will direct and guide you through your photoshoot to make sure we are capturing stunning images you will love!  We schedule 2 hours, just for your shoot, to make sure we capture amazing images.


Theres absolutely no need to be nervous about where to look, how to stand or what to do.  I can make ANY woman look and feel amazing! 


Come to the studio with a clean washed face, clean and dry hair, sit in our makeover chair...

Now relax and know you are in good hands.

Our artists will create the PERFECT look to compliment your photoshoot.  We schedule 2 hours at the beginning of your shoot to make sure that you look and feel fabulous for your portraits.  


After your session, I will begin working on retouching and editing your portraits.  This is where my artistic ability and eye for beauty comes in.  I will hand select the perfect gallery for your reveal session.  


Once finished, usually within 1-2 weeks, you will come back in to see all your beautiful portraits and select ONLY the ones you absolutely LOVE.  

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"I want each and every woman that walks into my studio to leave with confidence, self-love and a piece of art she can treasure forever."  -  Casey Brothers

Peer into my lens and see the REALITY of your own beauty...


"I fell in love with the art of photographing women.  I have the ability to take a woman who maybe has never felt beautiful before and change the way she sees herself.  I think every woman should have at least one professional picture of herself that makes her feel beautiful."


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What makes a photoshoot with me so special?

I know what it's like to HATE having your picture taken.
When I was 330 pounds there was no way I thought I would enjoy having my picture taken, but now after studying photography I realize that it was never MY job to "take a good photo".  It was the photographer's job to understand design, style, lighting, posing and expression.  

As your photographer I PROMISE not only will I make it easy for you to prepare, but the day of we will enjoy our time together.  And I will put all my knowledge and abilities into creating something you will love.  

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