Fort Wayne top photography studios is Le Petite Studios.  Photographer Casey Brothers Specializes in Glamour Photography, Senior Pictures, Personal Branding and headshots.  Want an in studio session that makes you feel beautiful?  Ready for a transformation?  

Beauty Portraits

Sessions that focus on bringing out your own beauty.  These sessions can be fun, flirty and glamourous. 

Fine Art Sessions

These sessions are all about creating art like masterpieces.  These sessions are throughly designed  and planned to create a one of a kind piece of artwork.  

Personal Branding Sessions

These sessions focus on creating website and social media content to attract new clients to you and your business.   

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Peer into my lens and see the REALITY of your own beauty...

"I fell in love with the art of photographing women.  I have the ability to take a woman who maybe has never felt beautiful before and change the way she sees herself.  I think every woman should have at least one professional picture of herself that makes her feel beautiful."

What makes a photoshoot with me so special?

I know what it's like to HATE having your picture taken.


When I was 330 pounds there was no way I thought I would enjoy having my picture taken, but now after studying photography I realize that it was never MY job to "take a good photo".  It was the photographer's job to understand design, style, lighting, posing and expression.  

As your photographer I PROMISE not only will I make it easy for you to prepare, but the day of we will enjoy our time together.  And I will put all my knowledge and abilities into creating something you will love.  

Have a Question?

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Casey L. Brothers,  Fort Wayne Photographer    |       (260) 417-0161    |  |   2789C Maplecrest Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46815                  


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